MEET Your Attorney Briseida Bethancourt, Esq. 

Founder and Owner of The Bethancourt Law Firm, Bri is an award-winning entertainment lawyer, contract lawyer, business lawyer and civil lawyer. With a big personality and an even bigger smile, Bri is a lawyer who can connect with her clients on a real level while also ensuring that their legal needs are being met with a positive, solution oriented approach.


Without boring you with the typical legal biography of how she's admitted into practice in Texas, graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington and received her Juris Doctorate from St. Mary School of Law, we'll just jump into the good stuff, shall we? 

Bri is an effective advocate for her clients and prides herself on being able to connect with people in such a way that consistently produces favorable results for her clients. She has no problem engaging in creative legal thinking and strategy to get what her clients deserve.

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Here are some additional highlights:

  • Bri is the ONLY firm nominated for the Southern Entertainment Awards this year. An award reserved for those in the entertainment industry that are a staple in southern culture, music and entertainment.

  • Bri has saved her clients thousands of dollars through her legal advocacy.

  • Bri has drafted and negotiated iron-clad contracts that have stood the test of conflict and litigation.

  • Bri's clients love her. I mean, like, really REALLY love her.

  • Bri co-hosted, for the first time, on a syndicated radio show. You can catch her every Thursday at 1P CST on KGGR 1040AM on iHeart radio.

  • Bri's firm signed over 15 new artists, labels, producers, social media influencers, DJ's and entertainers in 2020. 

  • Bri's firm services entertainment clients all over the US. 

  • Bri has helped quite a few businesses form their legal entities in 2020. 


Bri currently lives in Dallas, TX with her six year old daughter. She enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, dining at restaurants, traveling and spending time with her family, pre-Covid of course. You can learn more about Bri by following her on Instagram at issa_lawyer or on Facebook at The Bethancourt Law Firm.